Europe 2016 Trip Day 11 – Lisbon Portugal

It was a two day trip from Bilbao Spain to Lisbon Portugal. On sea days we had seminars and plenty of free time to visit the spa, pools, restaurants, casino, and the nightly entertainment; life is never boring on board. One of the great things about a cruise is going to bed at night and waking up in a new city.

We had signed up for a city tour of Lisbon, which lasted only 3 hours, giving us the remainder of the day for strolling around Lisbon on our own. This was one of the ports where the cruise port we were docked in was very near the city center, so it was easy to walk back and forth from the ship without having to hire a taxi. It was during one of these walks that we discovered what a great bottle of wine could be had for only 3 Euros. The problem with shopping for wine is that none of the labels are familiar, so it is always a crap shoot. But we guessed well and brought a couple of bottles back on board at the end of the day to enjoy on our veranda.

Author: Bob Davidson

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