Europe 2016 Trip Day 6 – Starting the Cruise in Amsterdam pics

Our cruise started in Amsterdam, 13 days of lazy crazy fun!

Europe 2016 Trip Day 6 – Starting the Cruise in Amsterdam

We love cruises; this is our second cruise in the Mediterranean and it is a joy to go bed at night and wake up in a new city, all laid out in front of us and ready for our exploration, without having to pack our bags, shelp them into a train or plane, or check into a new hotel. On a cruise we unpack once and it is done for 10 or more days – pretty sweet. But we also figure that that few number of days is not long enough to make the long flight to Europe worthwhile, so we like to add a week or so on our own onto each end of the cruise. So after 5 days in Paris and Amsterdam, on day 6 we boarded our ship for the next part of our trip.

We spent the next 13 days onboard and traveled from Amsterdam to Rome with stops in many varied ports along the way in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Italy. While onboard we enjoyed the many varied amenities of the ship (restaurants, spa, pool, casino, bars, and much more) and also participated in nearly daily excursions into the port cities and other nearby destinations.

Upon awakening in Amsterdam we could see our ship (Celebrity Silhouette) moored our window. After a leisurely breakfast we checked out and walked over to the cruise port next door. After we checked our bags, the lines to board the ship were comparatively short and we quickly made many new friends, people we would hang with during the cruise, our new homies. We quickly checked in and boarded the ship, all set for another kind of adventure. Ah but life is sweet!!